Frontiers of Optoelectronics (Nov 2023)

Localized in-situ deposition: a new dimension to control in fabricating surface micro/nano structures via ultrafast laser ablation

  • Peixun Fan,
  • Guochen Jiang,
  • Xinyu Hu,
  • Lizhong Wang,
  • Hongjun Zhang,
  • Minlin Zhong

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 16, no. 1
pp. 1 – 11


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Abstract Controllable fabrication of surface micro/nano structures is the key to realizing surface functionalization for various applications. As a versatile approach, ultrafast laser ablation has been widely studied for surface micro/nano structuring. Increasing research efforts in this field have been devoted to gaining more control over the fabrication processes to meet the increasing need for creation of complex structures. In this paper, we focus on the in-situ deposition process following the plasma formation under ultrafast laser ablation. From an overview perspective, we firstly summarize the different roles that plasma plumes, from pulsed laser ablation of solids, play in different laser processing approaches. Then, the distinctive in-situ deposition process within surface micro/nano structuring is highlighted. Our experimental work demonstrated that the in-situ deposition during ultrafast laser surface structuring can be controlled as a localized micro-additive process to pile up secondary ordered structures, through which a unique kind of hierarchical structure with fort-like bodies sitting on top of micro cone arrays were fabricated as a showcase. The revealed laser-matter interaction mechanism can be inspiring for the development of new ultrafast laser fabrication approaches, adding a new dimension and more flexibility in controlling the fabrication of functional surface micro/nano structures. Graphical Abstract