Agronomy (Mar 2022)

The ‘Pick-Your-Own’ Model of Production and Marketing of Ethnic Crops in Central New Jersey, USA

  • David Specca,
  • Stephen Specca,
  • Albert O. Ayeni

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 3
p. 751


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Specca Farms Pick Your Own (SFPYO) operates a 125-acre (50 ha) farm in Bordentown, Central New Jersey, USA, which attends to customers from many different ethnic regions such as Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Mediterranean region, Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean. The company produces more than 100 ethnic crops that require unique agronomic and management practices tailored to central New Jersey’s ecosystem and the unique quality of produce demanded by various ethnic nationalities. This paper reviews the ethnic crop classifications at the farm, the agronomic and crop protection practices applied to different crop groups, and the factors that guide produce marketing to meet the unique quality demanded by different ethnic nationalities.