Journal of Education, Management and Development Studies (Sep 2021)

Possible Scenarios on the Future of Polytechnic State University of Bicol (PSUB) – Research Culture by 2030 using Jim Dator’s Archetypes of Alternative Futures

  • Romeo Jr. Sotto,
  • Seth Barandon,
  • Juvy Bustamante,
  • April Luzon,
  • Marlon Pontillas,
  • Harold Jan Terano

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 2
pp. 40 – 51


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This paper explores possible scenarios for the Research Culture of Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges (CSPC), to be known as Polytechnic State University of Bicol (PSUB). The paper utilized Jim Dator’s four archetypes of alternative futures to construct PSUB’s Research Culture possible scenarios by 2030. This paper highlights the assumption that the research culture in PSUB is of world class quality and all of its faculty members are actively involved in research, its disciplined, collapsed, transformative, or business as usual scenarios. Four plausible scenarios have surfaced in this paper: Progressive Research Culture, Lax and Deficit Research Culture, Sophisticated Research Culture, and Transformative Research Culture. The article explored areas for a preferred future by 2030. It requires multiple drivers along faculty, students, administration and community for a better research culture. This study proved to be useful in crafting and anticipating the future scenarios of PSUB’s research culture. Preliminary as it may, this study highlighted important building blocks of the four future scenarios. Dator’s framework was proved to be very useful in developing the four scenarios, the use of other future study tools will further amplify plausible scenarios for the Polytechnic State University of Bicol.