Studie z Aplikované Lingvistiky (Jan 2015)

Národní park Šumava: Hruška vs. Stráský, dva rozhovory z března 2011

  • Michal L. Hořejší

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 1
pp. 47 – 69


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The paper deals with the dispute about management of the Šumava National Park. The paper characterizes the discourse on the Šumava National Park on the basis of two interviews with the representatives of the contradictory positions. It analyzes the central topics, topoi and concepts by applying the Discourse-Historical Approach (DHA). The paper focuses on the way how both interviewees construct their opponent, how they construct the attribute “human” and in which contexts they use pronouns “we” and “they”. The paper reveals that the way of displaying the past is crucial for the identification of both dominant narratives. The basic interdiscursive relations in which the discourse on the Šumava National Park is involved are also outlined.