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The progress of a syntactic change English do-support*

Linguistica. 1990;30(1)


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Journal Title: Linguistica

ISSN: 0024-3922 (Print); 2350-420X (Online)

Publisher: Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete Univerze v Ljubljani (Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts)

Society/Institution: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts

LCC Subject Category: Language and Literature: Philology. Linguistics

Country of publisher: Slovenia

Language of fulltext: French, Slovenian, English, Italian, German

Full-text formats available: PDF



Andrej Snedec


Double blind peer review

Editorial Board

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Time From Submission to Publication: 12 weeks


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The English construction  with do-support in the affirmative form, in the interrogative  form,  in  the  declarative-negative  form,  and  in  the  interrogative­-negative form is a periphrastic construction. It satisfied the definition of a strengthened construction as long as it was an optional replacement of the corresponding non-strengthened construction, i.e. of forms without do-support.