Zirā̒at va Fanāvarī-i Za̒farān (2015-08-01)

Determination of Effective Agronomical Traits on Saffron Ecotypes Stigma Yield in Zanjan Conditions

  • Seid Mohammad Alavi Siney,
  • Jalal Saba,
  • Babak Andalibi,
  • Seyyed Siamak Alavikia,
  • Mohammad Reza Azimi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 2
pp. 97 – 106


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In order to investigate the effective traits on yield of saffron ecotypes, a study was carried out as a split plot in time based on randomized complete block design with three replications in the research farm of Zanjan University during the growing seasons of 2013-2015. Eighteen saffron ecotypes were studied in this experiment. The traits of number of flowers, fresh weight of flowers, fresh weight of stigma, dry weight of flowers, dry weight of stigma, stigma length and dry stigma yield of saffron were measured. The results indicated that there were significant differences among all studied traits of ecotypes except for stigma length. The correlation matrix revealed that the number of flower and dry weight of stigma had a positive and highly significant correlation with dry stigma yield (r= 0.99 and 0.70, respectively). Analysis of stepwise regression and path analysis showed that the traits of number of flowers, dry weight of stigma and dry weight of flowers were the most effective traits on dry stigma yield. Therefore, these traits can be used to achieve a higher stigma yield.