Acta Mycologica (Aug 2020)

Contribution to Knowledge of the Mycobiota of “Bory Tucholskie” National Park (Northwestern Poland): Macromycetes of Central European Lichen Scots Pine Forests of the Cladonio-Pinetum Juraszek 1927 Type

  • Barbara Grzesiak,
  • Michał Hubert Węgrzyn,
  • Paulina Wietrzyk-Pełka,
  • Agnieszka Turowska

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 55, no. 2


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This paper presents the results of mycological observations of the Cladonio- Pinetum community in the “Bory Tucholskie” National Park in 2018. Active protection treatments have been performed to protect disappearing communities. This study was conducted using the permanent circular plot method, with each plot having an area of approximately 100 m2. Observations were also carried out using the route method outside the plots. Consequently, 71 fungal taxa were found. Among the identified species of macromycetes are Boletopsis grisea, which is on the list of protected fungi, and seven species (Boletopsis grisea, Cortinarius armeniacus, Dacrymyces capitatus, Deconica montana, Entoloma rhodocalix, Tricholoma equestre, and Tricholoma colossus) that are on the red list of macrofungi in Poland.