Jurnal Filsafat (2017-04-01)

Relasi Agama dan Politik Menurut Rawls

  • Samsul Ma'arif

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 16, no. 2
pp. 189 – 201


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The sections fall into some sections. The first one is introduction to Rawls theoretical issues on politics especially on what is called PR. The misconceptions of Rawls thought held by some religious believers will be dealt with explicitly. I will, then, try to explain that Rawls reflective equilibrium leaves room for distinctively religious beliefs based on faith and religions. And, the overlapping consensus which is crucial Rawls later thought. Based on this explanation above I come to second section that deals with Indonesia’s political issues that is related to Pancasila as a common ground. The issue is mainly on the relationship between religion and state in a highly diversity background especially diversity in religions. This section is remarkably important to see various ideologies took dialectical process in its historical footprints. And, I come to third section. In this way, I will produce the possibility of Pancasila as PR. Some frequent critical questions responding PR from the opposing groups will also be answered clearly. In the final section, then, I try to give the explanation on religion, as a comprehensive doctrine, should play a role in political arena that in the light of Rawls’ PR.