Antarctic Record (Nov 1977)

Chlorophyll-α content in the surface water along the course of the FUJI to from Antarctica in 1976-1977

  • Mitsuo Fukuchi

Journal volume & issue
no. 60
pp. 57 – 69


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During the relief cruise of the FUJI to Syowa Station, Antarctica, from November 1976 to April 1977, the chlorophyll-α contents in the surface water were measured at 150 stations as a part of the routine observations of marine biological program of the 18th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition. The chlorophyll-α distributions were generally similar to those noticed in the previous observations. The maximum value was observed in the pack ice area of Prince Olav Coast, Antarctica (2.40 mg chl-α/m^3). The high values were also seen in the Celebes Sea, Makassar and Malacca Straits.