Tuvan healer Stanislav Kuzhugetovich Serenot

Novye Issledovaniâ Tuvy. 2018;0(4) DOI 10.25178/nit.2018.4.5


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Journal Title: Novye Issledovaniâ Tuvy

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Publisher: Novye Issledovaniâ Tuvy

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Anna M. Lamazhaa (Независимый автор)

Chimiza K. Lamazhaa (Независимый исследователь)


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The article presents biographical data, pecularities of the worldview and the practices of Tuvan healer Stanislav Kuzhugetovich Serenot – Serenot bashky (born in 1949). He has secondary education in medicine and a tertiary education diploma in biology. Serenot began as a paramedic, and in the 1990s turned to non-conventional medicine (i.e. folk or traditional practices not included in the government-run healthcare). It was in this field that he achieved fame and recognition, even the title of “Honoured Worker of Health of the Republic of Tuva” (1999). He is considered to be a descendant of a shaman family on his father’s side, and a great-grandson of a famous head of a Buddhist temple on his mother’s side. He took courses in Chinese traditional medicine, studied with lamas and shamans, and was largely self-educated. He made his practice, focusing on traditional Tuvan-Tibetan medicine. At the moment, he runs his own healing centre in the city of Kyzyl. Provided in the article are some fragments from his diary, covering the stories of his patients and the effects his healing had on them. After examining Serenot, anthropologists, neurophysiologists and other researchers noted his ability to work using methods of immersion in altered states of consciousness. The healer has a lot of publications on the healing practices, mostly in Tuvian language. The article reviews some interesting texts on herbal healing, the medicinal characteristics of minerals, gems, water springs.