I nomi propri e gli uomini medi. Romanzo, scienze umane, democrazia

Between. 2015;5(10) DOI 10.13125/2039-6597/2024


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Journal Title: Between

ISSN: 2039-6597 (Online)

Publisher: Universit√† degli Studi di Cagliari

Society/Institution: Compalit Associazone italiana di di Teoria e Storia Comparata della Letteratura

LCC Subject Category: Geography. Anthropology. Recreation | Language and Literature: Philology. Linguistics: Language. Linguistic theory. Comparative grammar: Translating and interpreting

Country of publisher: Italy

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Guido Mazzoni (Università di Siena)


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The rise of the genre that now we call the novel is contemporary to the development of human sciences and statistics. However, the discoursive formations of the novel and the human sciences are in many respects opposite: the novel justifies itself by presenting itself as a history of private life, as the genre of the individual; the human sciences and the statistics report individuals to the icy identity of concepts and numbers. It is as if, at the very moment in which the right to differences affirms itself, the differences were traced to the identity of the universal forces that act around and through individuals. What does this dialectic mean? What does this dialectic allows us to understand?