Antarctic Record (Nov 2007)

Report of the activity at the S17 base near Syowa Station, Antarctica,related to the ANTSYO-II project in 2006-2007 summer season

  • Naohiko Hirasawa,
  • Keiichiro Hara

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 51, no. 3
pp. 273 – 297


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This report summarizes activity at the S17 base on the Antarctic ice sheet near Syowa Station in 2006-2007 summer. The description focuses on the period from the opening to closing of the S17 base. The appendix lists daily activity in detail. The atmospheric aircraft observation (ANTSYO II: Antarctic Flight Mission at Syowa Region II) was carried out by using the S17 base runway in cooperation with AWI (Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany). From 7th to 24th of January 2007, 15 times observation flights totaling 42 hours were carried out successfully. The surface meteorological observation system (air temperature, humidity and so on), ceilometer, aerosol particle counter, snow particle counter, anemometer and radiometer were maintained for about a month. Additionally, small model airplanes were used to obtain meteorological data in the boundary layer. The personnel who took the aircraft observations included Japanese, Germans and Swedes, all of whom came into/out of S17 via aircrafts. Others who maintained the S17 base and took ground based observations came into/out of Antarctica via the Japanese icebreaker Shirase.