International Journal of Research In Business and Social Science (2019-10-01)

Effect of Learning Goal Orientation on Leadership Development

  • Emmanuel Mango,
  • Jeremiah Koshal,
  • Caren Ouma

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 6
pp. 175 – 180


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Effective leadership development has eluded many organizations and academia for a long time. Those who have attempted to improve the practice and study of leadership development focus on the same old elements of leadership development. The traditional elements of leadership development that have been studied and implemented previously include: the content of the leadership development programs, the delivery of leadership development programs, the length of the programs and advocating for leadership development programs that are entrenched in leadership theory. Despite numerous studies and implementation of the studies’ findings on leadership development, there exists widespread dissatisfaction with leadership development outcomes. Some scholars have observed that leader developmental readiness may be the missing ingredient in leadership development. Learning goal orientation is one of the five elements of leader developmental readiness. Therefore, this study examines the effect of learning goal orientation on leadership development. The study reveals that learning goal orientation has a significant effect on leadership development, F(1,286) = 62.346, p < 001. In addition, learning goal orientation accounts for 17.9% of the variation in leadership development. Thus, enhancing participants’ learning goal orientation should be part and parcel of any leadership development program in order to improve the effectiveness of leadership development.