Colloquia Germanica Stetinensia (Jan 2019)

Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Fragebogenmaterialien des „Language and Culture Archive of Ashkenazic Jewry“ am Beispiel der Wortstellung von Verbpartikeln

  • Lea Schäfer

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 28


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Uriel Weinreich’s atlas project the “Language and Culture Archive of Ashkenazic Jewry” (LCAAJ, 1959–1972) has created an unique dataset of audio recordings and transcripts of interviews with Yiddish speakers whose varieties represent the former dialects from before the Shoah. This paper shows how the LCAAJ’s written materials can be used to describe the Yiddish grammar. Taking the example of word order of separable verb particles it shows that dialect-syntactic analyses do not have to show inevitably (geographical) variation to have linguistic relevance.