[email protected] (2004-02-01)

Le Luberon: la fin d'un territoire d'exception?

  • Cécile Helle

Journal volume & issue
no. 73


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For more than 40 years, the Luberon has enjoyed a fame that has turned this long-neglected Provençal hinterland into one of the most sought-after areas for summer residences in Europe. Exploring 50 years of an exceptional history with the aid of graphic modelling highlights the processes at work and the resulting spatial structures. It also shows how the Luberon's recent history (memory space), absolute location (intrinsic characteristics) and relative location (environmental features) have made it an active player in its own history. Lastly, it suggests the crossroads at which the area now finds itself: perceived as multiple peripheries by a composite urban world, the Luberon is destined to become another Mediterranean hinterland on the point of metropolisation.