Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning. 2018;12(23):56-71


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Journal Title: Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning

ISSN: 1916-8128 (Print)

Publisher: Nipissing University

Society/Institution: Nipissing University

LCC Subject Category: Education: Special aspects of education | Education: Theory and practice of education

Country of publisher: Canada

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Noah ROMERO (University of California, Berkeley)


Double blind peer review

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This paper outlines the theoretical, pedagogical, and philosophical framework for critical unschooling. Critical Unschooling is a student-centered and autonomous teaching and learning praxis rooted in decolonizing human rights education. Unlike homeschool, unschooling de-centers the hegemonic power dynamics inherent to essentialist and traditionalist approaches to formal education in favor of a student-led educational milieu in which learning is decompartmentalized and can occur at any place and time. Critical unschooling draws upon literature rooted in ethnic studies, postcolonial feminism, and human rights education, to propose conceptions of selfdirected and community-based learning that develops students’ radical agency and critical consciousness.