Przeszłość Demograficzna Polski (Jan 2016)

Problemy i perspektywy badań paleodemograficznych nad kulturą wielbarską na przykładzie cmentarzyska w Kowalewku

  • Marta Chmiel-Chrzanowska,
  • Rafał Fetner

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 38


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The article presents problems and prospects of palaeodemographic research on burial grounds of the Wielbark Culture exemplified with Site no 12 in Kowalewko.So far mainly mortality tables havebeen used in the research. But, as it seems, taking into consideration limitations of that method and the specificity of the input data, i.e. the graves, it is impossible to obtain trustworthy results. The article presents and analyses an alternative solution, exemplified with the burial site in Kowalewko chosen for its representativeness. For comparative reasons the results have been juxtaposed with an analysis of a Medieval skeleton burial site in Kałdus.