Вестник Московского государственного областного университета: Серия: Русская филология (May 2020)


  • Алпатова Татьяна Александровна

Journal volume & issue
no. 2
pp. 65 – 74


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Purpose. The article aims to study the main directions of creative interaction between N. Karamzin and the heritage of K. Moritz, a prominent representative of the German Enlightenment, a meeting with which is shown on the pages of "Letters of a Russian Traveler". Methodology and Approach. The author analyzed the scene of the meeting of the hero-traveler with Moritz to reveal the conceptual meaning underlying the representation of the creative heritage of the German writer in the book of Karamzin. By a comparative study of the initiation motive in Moritz and Karamzin, the particularity of its disclosure in the presented authors is specified. Results. In the course of the work, comparable plot situations were revealed, as well as figurative and symbolic series, allowing to clarify the specifics of Karamzin's creative processing of the principles of Moritz, the writer in exposing the motive of initiation. Theoretical and / or Practical Implications. The author was able to update the problems of a comparative analysis of the works of K. Moritz and N. Karamzin, which in the future allows new opportunities to be explored in the study of the context of world literature on the pages of "Letters of a Russian Traveler".