Bìznes Inform (May 2017)

The Role of Budget Airlines in the Air Transport Market

  • Panasiuk Irina P.,
  • Tertychna Anastasiia O.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 472
pp. 34 – 39


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The contemporary air transport market has been considered and analyzed, key aspects of the emergence of budget airlines (low-cost) in the air transport market have been highlighted. The main factors of influence on their functioning and international distribution have been allocated. On exploring the air transport market, it can be argued that low-cost airlines are gaining speed and spreading all around the world. This system was developed specifically for budget tourists and is particularly popular among students. Budget airlines are a profitable alternative to expensive airfares. As a rule, low-cost airlines refuse most traditional services to reduce the cost of transporting passengers, and hence the prices of flights. In the current phase of operation of the budget airlines, it is particularly necessary to study the reasons for such charity and the efficiency factor in providing cheap airfares. In spite of the tempting offer, there are some nuances that are subject of research.