Analele Ştiinţifice ale Universităţii "Al.I. Cuza" din Iaşi. Ştiinţe Juridice (Feb 2022)

Admisibilitatea probelor în procesul penal – prevederi normative și abordări jurisprudențiale // Admissibility of evidence in criminal proceedings - Normative provisions and jurisprudential approaches

  • Ion Covalciuc

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 68, no. 2
pp. 9 – 22


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The hole criminal procedural activity is focused on the issue of evidence. The way in which the legislator succeeds in regulating the criminal procedural probation depends on the achievement of the state's wishes in revealing and combating the criminal phenomenon and not least ensuring the right to a fair trial. Admissibility of evidence, having a special place in this process, the more important is the normative regulation but also the jurisprudential approach of this institute of criminal procedure.