Innovative Marketing (Sep 2021)

Brand effects of omnichannel-based pickup service on consumption value and service satisfaction

  • Kyoung Hee Lee,
  • Boyoung Kim

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 17, no. 3
pp. 124 – 134


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As an online and offline integrated service of refund, replacement, and after-sales service, omnichannel is placing itself as a major service used in the online shopping market, as efficiency and an integrated operation system develop according to channel integration due to ICT development. Centered on young people who have recently put importance on in-store experience and direct experience, offline pickup service is reinforced beyond online delivery. This study aims to analyze the effects of a distribution company’s brand factors on customer consumption value and satisfaction targeting the omnichannel-based pickup service. The research model was designed to find out whether brand image, identity, attachment, and trust factors affect consumption satisfaction factors through the intervention of emotional and functional consumption value factors. This study targeted 324 consumers using Korea’s omnichannel-based pickup service and carried out a questionnaire survey. According to the analysis result, the brand image and brand identity had a positive (+) effect on the emotional value and functional value. Brand attachment and brand trust positively affected emotional value but the hypothesis on functional value was rejected. Hence, brand factors were confirmed to work on improving a consumer’s emotional value effectively.