Sustainability (Sep 2014)

Sustainable E-Governance: The Relationship among Trust, Digital Divide, and E-Government

  • Seunghwan Myeong,
  • Yongmin Kwon,
  • Hyungjun Seo

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 9
pp. 6049 – 6069


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This study empirically examines the correlation between the quality of e-government and trust in government. It used survey data collected in 2013 from the metropolitan areas of Seoul. An index was developed to measure the quality of e-government services, and the Gov 3.0 values were reflected in the analysis, including openness, sharing, communication, and collaboration. The results show a partial correlation between the quality of e-government service and trust in government. In addition, the level of trust varied according to the different type of the digital divide groups. It suggests that as ICT (Information Communication Technology) has become more sophisticated, a willingness to share information among organizations and stakeholders may become a major factor to thoseactively seeking information and resources to make value-added products. It also suggests that more integrated data management including network securityand an open attitude toward information sharing will be more important beyond the level of technical issues.