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  1. I cannot login; I do not have a username and password; I want to register
    DOAJ is 100% FREE to use. Only publishers of journals indexed in DOAJ need an account. You do not need a username or password to use the full range of our features.

  2. I want to publish my article in your journal.
    DOAJ is not a journal or a publisher. Do not submit papers to us. We are a directory of open access journals.

  3. I want my journal indexed in DOAJ. What do I do?
    Have a look at our Information for Publishers page. If your journal fulfills our criteria please submit an application.

  4. I have submitted a new application. How long do I have to wait?
    Due to a large number of applications submitted every week, we have a backlog of applications to process. If you have not received an answer within 6 months, contact us using the form below. Please check your Spam folder first to make sure you have no messages from us.

  5. Please send me articles about subject X.
    We do not supply that service. Use our subject browser and then contact the relevant journal.

  6. Please send me a list of journals on subject X.
    We do not supply that service. You can either use our subject browser, harvest our metadata or download a .csv file.

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