In Autumn 2020, DOAJ will be relaunching with a new website with updated functionality, improved search, and a simplified application form. More information is available on our blog. Our API is also changing.

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Organisations/Institutions supporting DOAJ sustainably

A number of institutions are independently committing substantial funding for DOAJ thereby enabling DOAJ to become more self-sustaining. Others have committed to sustainable funding using the model as recommended by the SCOSS coalition. The details of all funding organisations have been published in our Funders spreadsheet.

SCOSS (The Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services) recommended to their member institutions to support DOAJ with larger and dedicated amounts of funding to enable DOAJ to move away from its incremental annual contribution system. Under the new mode,l organisations will work towards sustaining DOAJ for 3 years, giving it more stability for the mid-term and enabling DOAJ to develop a fully comprehensive, longer term development plan for its systems and services.