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You may become a Publisher Member by making a contribution relative to the size of your business. See a list of existing publisher members. You may also donate an amount of your choice and select whether you wish to make a one-off or recurring annual payment. By choosing one of the predetermined amounts and by choosing to make a recurring payment, you are enabling DOAJ to continue to develop into an even better service.

If possible, we ask you to use Option 1 below as it reduces expenses incurred by handling invoices.

Extra large, publishing more than 2000 articles/year: GBPs £3000 per year
Large, publishing between 500-2000 articles/year: GBPs £1000 per year
Medium, publishing between 200-500 articles/year: GBPs £500 per year
Small, publishing less than 200 articles/year: GBPs £200 per year

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Should you have any questions, send email to lars[at]doaj[.]org