In Autumn 2020, DOAJ will be relaunching with a new website with updated functionality, improved search, and a simplified application form. More information is available on our blog. Our API is also changing.

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Translated Versions of the Application Form

We have created guides in several languages to help you fill in the Application Form.

The DOAJ thanks the following people for their translation work:
Kamel Belhamel
Maria Manuel Borges
Xiaotian Chen
Kenji Kaibe
Caio Coelho
Bartolomeu Leite da Silva
Alexander Dimentov
Mohammed Reza Ghane
Dian Eka Indriani
Déborah Lins
Ivonne Lujano Vilchis
Mahmoud Khalifa
Alejandra Manco Vega
Andrea Marchitelli
Remedios Melero
Karolina Minch
Sergiy Nazarovets
Natalia Pamuła-Cieślak
Ewa Rozkosz
Lut Tamam
Nelly Turcan
Terhi Vartia/Bellcrest Translations Ltd
Lin Zhu