Erga-Logoi (Jul 2021)

Ostilità e omaggio al nuovo signore? I commediografi ateniesi davanti a Filippo II. Un’ipotesi su due frammenti di Efippo e Alessi

  • Giuseppe Squillace

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 1
pp. 35 – 57


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In addition to the rhetoricians and orators who at Athens supported or opposed Philip, a number of playwrights – such as Ephippus and Alexis – did not hesitate to express their opinions of the Macedonian king. Some fragments of their works, however, seem to show conflicting positions, for if Ephippus supported the anti-Macedonian party, Alexis, while including Philip in some comedies, did not blame the king by turning him into a comic mask, but praised his political decisions and his respect for religion and traditions.