Nature Communications (2020-05-01)

Functionally distinct high and low theta oscillations in the human hippocampus

  • Abhinav Goyal,
  • Jonathan Miller,
  • Salman E. Qasim,
  • Andrew J. Watrous,
  • Honghui Zhang,
  • Joel M. Stein,
  • Cory S. Inman,
  • Robert E. Gross,
  • Jon T. Willie,
  • Bradley Lega,
  • Jui-Jui Lin,
  • Ashwini Sharan,
  • Chengyuan Wu,
  • Michael R. Sperling,
  • Sameer A. Sheth,
  • Guy M. McKhann,
  • Elliot H. Smith,
  • Catherine Schevon,
  • Joshua Jacobs

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11, no. 1
pp. 1 – 10


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We show that the human hippocampus exhibits two distinct theta oscillations during spatial navigation with the faster oscillation in posterior regions showing movement modulation. This result suggests a distinct feature of the human hippocampus compared to rodents, which generally show a single 8 Hz rhythm.