Shipin gongye ke-ji (Aug 2022)

Construction and Stability of Rice Bran Protein-Flaxseed Oil Emulsion System

  • Fuquan ZHAO,
  • Cheng WANG,
  • Jialing ZHOU,
  • Zhenzhen WANG,
  • Zhan YU,
  • Zhixin WU,
  • Ruyi SHA,
  • Jianwei MAO

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 43, no. 15
pp. 234 – 243


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The flaxseed oil emulsion (O/W type) was prepared by high-speed shearing with rice bran protein as emulsifier. The effects of different rice bran protein addition amount, ultrasonic power, shear speed on the change of emulsion particle size were investigated. The preparation process of the emulsion was optimized by response surface methodology, and the emulsion was characterized and evaluated for its stability. The results showed that the optimal preparation process of flaxseed oil emulsion was as follows: The addition of rice bran protein 0.56%, the shear speed 7900 r/min, and the ultrasonic power 300 W. Under these conditions, the minimum average particle size of the emulsion was 315.14 nm. The prepared emulsion has good pH stability. The emulsion showed outstanding stability within 55 days of storage at 4 ℃ and room temperature at 25 ℃ for 10 days, on the 7th day, the contents of primary oxidation products and secondary oxidation products decreased by 0.026 mmoL/L and 0.031 mg/kg, respectively, showing certain antioxidant properties. This study aimed to provide a theoretical reference for the application of flaxseed oil products.