Evaluation of bovine-derived lacteal complex supplementation on gene expression in BALB/c mice

Nutrition and Dietary Supplements. 2011;2011(default):89-92


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Journal Title: Nutrition and Dietary Supplements

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Clerici M
Pauze E
de Jong A
Biasin M
Miller LE


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Mario Clerici1,2, Emmanuel Pauze3, Arienne de Jong3, Mara Biasin1, Larry E Miller41Department of Biomedical Sciences and Technology, University of Milan, Milan, Italy; 2Don C Gnocchi Foundation, IRCCS, Milan, Italy; 3Sprim Advanced Life Sciences, Milan, Italy; 4Sprim USA, San Francisco, CA, USAAbstract: We conducted an evaluation of gene expression associated with innate and adaptive immunity in a double-blind ex vivo mouse study using a bovine-derived dietary ingredient (Ai/E10®, Health Technology Resources, Inc., Scottsdale, AZ, USA). BALB/c female mice (5–6 weeks of age) were fed chewy granola bars supplemented with (Test) or without (Control) Ai/E10 for 10 days. After the feeding period, the animals were sacrificed and spleen cells were isolated and incubated with lipopolysaccharide and phorbol myristate acetate-ionomycin. RNA was extracted and mRNA expression of 84 genes involved in innate and acquired immunity was determined with real-time PCR arrays. Numerous genes associated with innate and adaptive immunity were upregulated in the Test group when stimulated with mitogens. Significant upregulation was observed in 30% (25 of 84) of genes upon lipopolysaccharide stimulation and in 14% (12 of 84) of genes upon phorbol myristate acetate + ionomycin stimulation in the Test group relative to Controls. This study illustrates that Ai/E10 supplementation results in significant and specific upregulation of genes associated with innate and adaptive immunity in mice. Notably, this effect was observed only in stimulated cultures.Keywords: dietary supplementation, immunomodulation, mice