Nature Communications (2021-05-01)

Structure-based engineering of substrate specificity for pinoresinol-lariciresinol reductases

  • Ying Xiao,
  • Kai Shao,
  • Jingwen Zhou,
  • Lian Wang,
  • Xueqi Ma,
  • Di Wu,
  • Yingbo Yang,
  • Junfeng Chen,
  • Jingxian Feng,
  • Shi Qiu,
  • Zongyou Lv,
  • Lei Zhang,
  • Peng Zhang,
  • Wansheng Chen

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 1
pp. 1 – 11


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Pinoresinol–lariciresinol reductases (PLRs) are enzymes involved in the lignan biosynthesis. Here, crystal structures of three PLRs in the apo, substrate-bound and product-bound states, and accompanying mutagenesis provide insight into PLRs catalytic mechanism and suggest a strategy for PLR engineering.