Erga-Logoi (Jul 2021)

Callia e la confederazione euboica

  • Stefania Gallotta

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 1
pp. 93 – 105


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Callias of Chalcis is the main figure of Euboean history in the mid-fourth century b.C. Aeschines (III 85-105) dedicated a long exursus to him, thanks to it we could understand and analyze the close relationship between Athens and the island, during the reign of Philip II of Macedonia. The complex question of the existence of the Euboean koinon in the fourth century is very interesting, and the debate among scholars is still open. A reconstruction of the events of the life of this character, on which a specific study is still missing, and a review on the controversial question of Euboean koinon are the focus of this paper.