Food Technology and Biotechnology (Jan 2004)

Surfactant Sensors in Biotechnology; Part 2 – Non-Electrochemical Sensors

  • Milan Sak-Bosnar,
  • Zorana Grabarić,
  • Božidar S. Grabarić

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 42, no. 3
pp. 207 – 212


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An overview on non-electrochemical surfactant sensors is given with special attention to work published since 1993. In the first part the importance of surfactants in modern biotechnology is stressed out and works on electrochemical surfactant sensors have been summarised. In this part the research of non-electrochemical surfactant sensors is reported, primarily optochemical and piezoelectric surfactant sensors. Papers investigating some specific interactions of potential interest for surfactant sensors are reported as well.