Теория и практика переработки мяса (Jul 2022)

Technological approaches to the extraction and purification by ultrafiltration techniques of target protein molecules from animal tissues: a review

  • E. A. Kotenkova,
  • E. K. Polishchuk

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 2
pp. 76 – 82


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Effective isolation and purification of protein is a great challenge nowadays. The key aspect is protein stability and solubility, which primarily depend on protein structure and its amino acid sequence. Manipulations with pH and ionic strength are the first at tempts to increase protein stability and solubility. Different additives that are allowed or prohibited in the food industry are applied for overcoming protein aggregation. Sugars, polyhydric alcohols and amino acids are the most attractive among them. Trehalose, glycerol, arginine, glycine and proline demonstrated outstanding properties that make them perspective for application during iso lation and purification of proteins singly or in combination with each other or othercompounds. However, the algorithm of effective isolation and purification of protein could be significantly varied depending on its structure.